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Monday, June 19, 2017

Life Giving Water for Your Desert

Day 2 at camp.
Shared what I consider to be the key to maintaining a close walk with the Lord.  At the start of your day (whenever that happens to be) stop and give Him some time.   Every day we start as a dry desert, and I shared these scriptures; Isaiah 35:1-6, 40:3, 4, 51:3.  We need His life giving water.  If you start out dry and do not seek water you will continue to be dry and you will say and do things that you should not do, and you will not be in a position to give away the water (love) that you have received.
Then I gave this example of a simple early morning time with God.
"I know You love me God, the cross is proof of that.
    You are my defender today.
       My expectations are on You, not on other people - when people let me down, and they will, help me to put my focus back on You.
Jesus help me to see other people with Your eyes and speak to them with Your words. 
         You have done everything that needs done - even in the midst of my activity help me to res in You."

Short and to the point, such a blessing to share truth with 66 youth and their counselors.

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