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Monday, October 29, 2007

move when God moves

2 things to share today
another lesson from my 2 1/2 year old daughter
she was standing in my shadow and then i moved and she said "ahhhhh, you moved"
and i said, "if you want to stay in my shadow you have to move when i move"
and i got it once again, that God was speaking to me too

the other thing has been "germinating" for a couple days
it is simply, part of the priesthood of God is that He does the choosing
He makes a sovereign choice and so we need never doubt
Where you are is where He wants you to be, and the grace to be His light
in that situation is available a-v-a-i-l-a-b-l-e

Friday, October 26, 2007

Grace and Peace

so if something occurs 17 times in the New Testament
if Paul, Peter and John all use the phrase, surely you would
have heard many sermons on it,

Grace and Peace

17 times, a greeting, a blessing on those about to here the word or read the letter
usually the 2nd sentence never later than the 4th verse

Grace... all Him, His choosing, His empowerment, His desire placed in you
Peace... a very deep knowing that the truly Good God is in complete control over all events
and He is working it out for the Ultimate Good
the Ultimate Good.... to bring glory to God

so Grace and Peace to you my readers
let it sink in
let it be more real than this passing world we live in
Grace and Peace

for much more on grace visit
excellent teaching that gave me a foundation in grace that i have steadfastly refused to back down from, because once you have tasted grace everything else..... isn't!

Thursday, October 25, 2007


It has been a very long time since I truly liked
a presidential candidate, but this guy Mike Huckabee
seems like a genuine guy with some good ideas and
real morals. (actually I don't know how he got this
far in politics). But anyway, I'm throwing the full
weight of my support behind him.
Go Mike!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


"to those who overcome..."
Trust in the goodness and timing of your loving God.
hang in there
The rewards for steadfast trust and obedience are magnificent.
The praise that God gives to those who choose to trust and
perservere is repeated over and over.
He holds this quality in high regard, there is no better reason
to choose to hang in there than this... it will bring joy to Daddy's heart.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

out of nothing

God creates out of nothing
From absolutely nothingness He is able to create something

what a comforting thought that was to me today as i fell
into temptation and sin, and felt all "yucky"

God can "create in me a clean heart" even though
all i can hand Him is a stony heart, He can
out of nothingness
create a beautiful, obedient, loving clean heart!!

thank you God

Saturday, October 13, 2007

oswald and daddy's hand

"Spiritual truth is learned by atmosphere, not by intellectual reasoning" oswald

wow, that one takes awhile to digest, but the truth of what he is saying is we learn
by being with God, by stopping and getting His wisdom, His perspective, not by
reasoning the whole thing out

so Patience (2 1/2) was walking with me yesterday and tried to walk on a skinny piece of wood
without much success on the way to the grocery store, but on the way back i asked her to hold
my hand and try and she made it all the way over with no problem

"see how much easier it is when you are holding daddy's hand"...
and then i learned too!!

Friday, October 12, 2007

seek for more understanding

so regarding the last post
i will seek for more understanding and
more specifics
so that the "word of God" can truly be a help
to people and a glory to His Name

Monday, October 8, 2007

now what do i do?

i was praying and sensing the fact that our economy is built on a spider web and then the thought came that a spider web can be broken by a child and then there was a like a "heavy pause" in my thoughts ... sort of a "that was a significant, maybe even prophetic word".... moment...then i wondered does this mean the series of attacks or evil works that are going to be inflicted on this country will be done by the hands of children, and that will be all the more shocking and also will be how the events "slip past" the security that is in place...
and then my mind started swirling if this is the case what am i supposed to do with it ..why tell me, I have no "power" with the FBI or the agencies charged with finding out this stuff why tell me, should i pray more for specifics to pray against or should i simply pray for lives to be spared or is this the judgement of God that needs to happen in order to bring our nation to the "next step" and should i simply pray that He redeems all that happens

alot of questions,
If any of you lacks wisdom....

Friday, October 5, 2007

thanks for helping

after receiving "help" from two of my youngest kids yesterday
and thanking them for that help

i became more grateful for God's father heart of love, for me,
and the many times He has thanked me for some equally "unhelpful"
help that I have given to His kingdom

If we can only keep His LOVE in the forefront of all we think and do.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

a dog

so felt the need to post something a little
because that was part of the original purpose of this
blog to be brutally honest
we can only be healed and forgiven when we are honest
with where we are

our dog is currently outside barking at a person who is so far away they are almost in another state (literally), they pose no real threat and are not a danger to us at all, but on and on he barks

how often do i bark at stuff that doesn't really matter
how often do i make my wife or kids "feel bad" by words that
just spill out of a stony heart
how often do i miss opportunities to play or pray or love or make a "moment to remember" because i choose to bark at nothing

this week at church i'm supposed to lead a discussion on "grace in the home" and in kids' church i am doing a lesson on the 'gideon' story "do not be afraid" theme
this week in our lives a young girl is in the hospital who has "passed out" and the dr's don't know why, an email arrived asking for prayer for a 5 year old who is having "strokes" and the Dr's don't know why, charli's (1 year old) battle with cancer is a blog i frequent, voice of the martyrs email arrives with more stories of Christians who have been killed or jailed this week just because they love Jesus... all these things are out there and the call is to be sold out for God, in such a close loving relationship with Him that our hearts "beat as one"... that i can be a pure clean vessel of His words, His love, His power...

it ain't happening

and the time is short

Monday, October 1, 2007

daddy's shadow

got a creative idea for the picture
that will stay with this blog

i noticed how i could use my shadow to
protect Judah's skin from the sun

and then the whole "cloud by day, fire by night"
thing came to mind

and on a more simple level... how I live my
life in the protective shadow of MY FATHER

thank you Father for your unchanging, unbeatable,
amazing love