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Friday, October 26, 2007

Grace and Peace

so if something occurs 17 times in the New Testament
if Paul, Peter and John all use the phrase, surely you would
have heard many sermons on it,

Grace and Peace

17 times, a greeting, a blessing on those about to here the word or read the letter
usually the 2nd sentence never later than the 4th verse

Grace... all Him, His choosing, His empowerment, His desire placed in you
Peace... a very deep knowing that the truly Good God is in complete control over all events
and He is working it out for the Ultimate Good
the Ultimate Good.... to bring glory to God

so Grace and Peace to you my readers
let it sink in
let it be more real than this passing world we live in
Grace and Peace

for much more on grace visit
excellent teaching that gave me a foundation in grace that i have steadfastly refused to back down from, because once you have tasted grace everything else..... isn't!

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