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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

no guile

no guile Anna B. is worshipping God in Spirit and in Truth with no false motivations
it is such a joy to behold
make us like little children Lord
and shove the choreographed, hard working, practice practice practice stuff back into the
performance driven, works oriented world where it belongs


perserverance-- a long word just means
"do it again, and keep doing it again until God releases you"
so I placed a piece of paper in my Pastor's mailbox today with
what I truly felt is a need in our church, only the grace-filled perserverance
of His relentless affection picked me up off the ground of rejection
to do that again
Jesus is all that matters. If He leads me to do something and I obey. The matter is entirely over, how the person/people react is at it's deepest level meaningless. Jeremiah was told
not to be discouraged by the "looks" he got when proclaiming the Word of the Lord.
My job is to be obedient to what God calls me to do or say.
you may or may not get it right away or even years away, that doesn't matter.

oh and ps thanks to Rich Mullins up in heaven for the phrase Relentless Affection

I am the disciple whom Jesus Loves!!!!!
have a good day

Monday, July 30, 2007

the song

back in the mid 90's i wrote alot of poetry and one of those efforts was "the song"
It is the lyrics to a country style song about a husband who finds out his wife was abused as a child and how he loves her thru her dealings with that

It is great... but you would never know it by how hard it has been to get someone, anyone to put music to it and record it.

Off it goes one more time today to a local guy "cutting" his first record soon.
Charlie Kenney and Fire Creek
we'll see
one of the good things about me I am always optimistic

day 2 random

for any scholars viewing this in the future grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors are due to lack of time not lack of knowledge

very encouraged on Sat. July 28, 2007, a real bald eagle flew past me and the "little kids" while we were visiting Mill Run in Friendsville MD
that to me is a "sign" from God that the Prophetic is coming

Last night it was revealed to me that my wife is like a flower and I have not been taking care of her like I should, it is strange, but that "picture" or "vision" made me more aware of , what I am not doing and what I need to be doing... you never know what can trigger a "grace-led, grace-empowered change"

Art Katz Ben-Israel, just a huge blessing to me truly gifted teacher.
latest thing to contemplate, the lack of true and deep conversion in most of what is called the church, probably as high as 80% have not truly repented and felt the depth of need and the depth of crying out for mercy necessary for a true and deep conversion .... so we are left with a whole lot of shallow "church-ianity" that looks and sounds like the "world"

I like using this as a journal, probably has no value for anyone else

Sunday, July 29, 2007

in the beginning

my walk often doesn't line up with God
my walk often doesn't line up with anyone around me
I want to journal my walk
and so here we go.

My mission:
To love my wife as Christ loves the Church
(so far I have lifted off and crashed landed and equal number of times)
but relentless love continues to hound me and call me back
Relentless Love is a person Jesus Christ and God the Father and Holy Spirit.

My mission:
To raise my kids to know and love God.
(A long way to go, but currently in the air and making headway against the strong headwind of culture, peers, and my own background/history)

My mission:
To enjoy quiet times of soaking in the Holy Spirit
(so far just a goal, the engines have been on a few times, but, they are cooled off now)

My mission:
To love the people at work, workers and those I serve.
(I have an idea of the cost of this and have not yet truly started to build, although Relentless
Love has pushed me "out there" on a couple of occasions)

My mission:
To keep this blog honest open and transparent, which will probably mean
ugly and filled with many frustrations and moments of ...crap.