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Monday, January 29, 2018

No better than our fathers

(google translated from the Swedish, so there are some parts that will slow you down, but this was written by the heart of God through Fredrik Stafsen and is too good not to post here word for word with my little thought added at the end.)

Warning for ignorance and bravado
Just three years before his death, Reformation and protestantism founder, Martin Luther, wrote an anti-Semitic thesis entitled, "about the Jews and their lies" in which he in a despicable reasoning sums up like this:
" dear princes and virtuous who have Jews in their close surroundings, if this my advice does not suit you, find a better one so that we all are freed from this intolerable devilish burden - the Jews... next after the devil, the Christian no more bitter and annoying Enemy than the jew ".
Most Christians who read Luther's words for the first time are shocked, but tragically, Luther was far from alone among the famous Christian leaders in his hatred and in his blasphemy of the Jewish people. As we should see, his attitude was actually quite common among Christians through the vast majority of kyrkohistorien.
Even more tragic, close to five hundred years after Luther's terrible writing, Adolf Hitler was heavily dependent on this as a base for his own final solution to the judeproblemet, resulting in two-thirds of the death of Europe's nine million Jews.
How did this happen? How was christendom whose followers meant to follow a Jewish Messiah a religion of religion which followed the Jewish people wherever there was? How did the Christians who claim to worship the God of Israel come to hate the children of Israel so deeply, so passionate and so relentless? Why do you hate Zion?
In order to answer that question, we must get to Paul's words in the th chapter of the treaty of Lisbon. We need to read and bring in his serious warning, a warning specifically meant for the hednatroende. Paul warned them of a arrogansens posture, a the related to the chosen people. He reminded his readers of Israel's irreversible vocation, of God's choice of the Jewish people as his peculiar, regardless of their unbelief. He also warned the hednatroende to be indifferent and ignorant in relation to the secret of Israel's election and its path to salvation to förstockelsens "too high thoughts of himself" would not get attached. Paul invites us to live in fear instead of pride.
" if firstfruit is sacred, the whole dough is sacred. And if the root is sacred, the branches are also sacred. But if some of the branches have been broken away, and you who are a wild olive branch have been inympad among them, and have been given part of the nutritious root of the true olive, then do not cross the branches. If you himself, you should know that it is not you who carries the root but the root that carries you.
Now you may object, " the branches were cut away for me to be grafted." that's right, they were broken away because of unbelief, but you're still through faith. Do not be arrogant, but tremble. Because If God did not spare the natural branches, he will not spare you either.
See here God's goodness and rigour: Rigour against those who fell, God's kindness to you if you remain in his goodness. If you don't, you'll be cut too. But even the others will be grafted in if they do not remain in their unbelief, because God has the power to put them back in. Because if you were cut from vildoliven that you of nature belonged to and against nature inympad in a true olive tree, how much easier should the natural branches be grafted into their own olive tree?
Brothers, I want you to know this secret so that you do not think too much of yourselves: the förhärdelse have struck part of Israel, and it shall remain until the Gentiles have come in full.
Rome 11:16-26
This God's firm word forces us to deeply contemplate what the gospel looks like to which our assemblies have been fed for a long time. One could say this: a failure to humbly contemplate and bring in the secret of Israel and the assembly, the secret of Israel's election, despite their unbelief, may well lead to the hednatroende ' cut off ' from the God of Israel. The Greek word which Paul uses and which the Swedish translators translate to daughters or cut off, "Ekkoptó" was also used by John The Baptist when he warned those who on false grounds came to him to name himself:
" the axe is already put to the root of the trees. Every tree that does not carry good fruit is chopped away and thrown into the fire."
Matt 3:10
Paul and John were not alone with such a stern warning, the Lord himself uses exactly the same language in his call:
" every tree that does not carry good fruit is chopped away and thrown into the fire."
Matt 7:19
If today, 2000 years later, we take into account Paul's warning and compare it with what reality looks like, this terrible reality is taking hold of us. We take an honest think and look at the Christian Assembly through its history and until this day we see that the vast majority of believers, to the extreme, have missed the consideration of Paul's warning. The vast majority of the assembly, through all its ranks, has fallen headlong into the ideas of the felvridna and into the arrogance of a tyrant and a tyrant in relation to the Israel of Israel. It is horrific how quickly you have forgotten the promises of God and the continuing role of the Jewish people in his great återlösningsplan.
The result of this will be a pictures hednaförsamling, a people which, through the gospel of peace, would be prepared to be prepared for the service of the new covenant, but which is now blindly in relation to the scripture's
Enemies of Zion
Fiendskapens mind does everything to find benefits for own cause, it reads the word with självupphöjandets glasses who reject the sacrifice that pleases God.
Unjust Rov and contempt of Zion
To attribute to the heathen as the primary beneficiaries of the promise of a new covenant, despite the fact that this great promise of clarity applies to the Jewish people, must be regarded as unjust plunder and a violation of God's covenant.
When Hednaförsamlingen rejects the secret of the Jewish people, both in terms of the role of the Jewish people and their own role, they stand together with the ruler of the reign of the air and take the spoils of death, which ultimately means that in their hatred of Zion you will be there with shame
The Lord loves the right and hates this unjust rov. He will give the Jewish people their reward, and make an everlasting covenant with them, and let the mourners of Zion be given the, instead of ashes, the oil of joy instead of grief.
The Lord promises that the Jewish people will double again for their shame, for the unjust plunder committed against them. The Lord also promises that all those who show their hatred of Zion in this way will come to shame and return.
Jer 31:31-34, and 11:32, Jes 61:7-8, Rom 11:16-25, Efe 2:2, PS 129, Jes 61:3.
The mind that takes the covenant and the summons that the Lord has made to the Jewish people mobilize against Zion and says, "let her be and and let our eyes look with lust for her", but the Lord promises Israel childbirth from the hand of her enemies. .
Friend 4:10-11, 2 don't 19:6
What is this contempt for the Jewish people, against their covenant, against the Lord and Zion of the covenant?
Why do you hate God's abode, his place for rest and for his reign? Why do you hate it what salvation comes from?
Why do you want to take the covenant of the chosen?
Why do you take over the Lord's pride?
Ps 46:5, PS 129:5, thing 2:8, PS 46, Rome 11:16-24
Looking for his own
Learning right and righteousness is not liked by the spirit of the spirit, which is cramping up in its too high thoughts of itself.
The mind of this arrogansens himself wants the attention which God gives Zion, wants himself to flaunt his own house, always seeking his, not the cause of Jesus Christ, and will therefore always hate Zion.
Ps 132:13, thing 3:2, Rome 11:25, hag 1:9, Rome 2:8, 1 cows 10:24, file 2:21.
A living victim of the Lord's cause
The reborn heart seeks the cause of the Lord, does not seek the place of others in too high thoughts of himself. This new heart offer himself as a living victim in favour of the salvation of Israel, in the sacrifice as servants of a new covenant and its chosen people, extending, as a merciful vessel, salvation mercy for a time of need for Jacob.
The Tjänarskap of the new covenant brings together with the Lord, the footprints of the glädjebudets, and the testimony of the kingdom, which eventually awakens the faith and envy of the Jewish people This tjänarsinne is preparing these days on the victim, which in the days of need is determined to bring the Jewish people's feet into the path of peace.
Fil 2:21, Rom 11:25, Rom 12:1, Rom 11:15, 2 Kor 3:6, Rom 9:23, Rom 11:30-31, Rom 10:14-15, Rom 11:11, Luk 1:79
" Brothers, I want you to know this secret, so that you do not have too much thoughts about yourselves
Rome 11:25
" so shall Israel say... to all those who pass by..."
" great distress they have caused me from my youth.
Yet they were not too strong. On my back, the ridges have plowed and pulled long furrows. But the Lord is righteous, he has cut off the bonds of the wicked. They will come to shame and return,
Anyone who hates Zion. They shall be like grass on the roofs that wither before it grows up. No Reaper fills his hand with it, no one kärvbindare his arms. Those who pass do not say, " the blessing of the Lord may come upon you!
We bless you in the name of the lord."
PS 129
But the mind which, through the new heart, wanders through the heart of the earth comes from power to power and comes before God in Zion.
Ps 84:7-8
But, Israel will also say
" if the Lord had not been with us when people stood up against us, they would have devoured us alive when their wrath was kindled against us, then the waters had drowned us, the power washed upon us, and the mighty waters would be washed over. US. Praise be to the Lord who did not cause us to prey on their teeth. Our soul got away like a bird from the snare of the noose, the noose broke and we got away. Our help is in the name of the Lord, who has made heaven and earth."
PS 124
Beware of this you who call you a Christian.
No better than our fathers applies here

1 Kings 19:4 “But he himself went a day’s journey into the wilderness, and came and sat down under a juniper-tree: and he requested for himself that he might die, and said, It is enough; now, O Jehovah, take away my life; for I am not better than my fathers.”

Saturday, January 20, 2018


Covetous defined-To be covetous of something is to want it and to be a little jealous of anyone who has it. The advertising industry's goal is to make you covetous of the things that other people have — that way, you'll buy them.

Psalm 10 brought me here.  "The covetous whom the Lord abhorreth"  and in another place (Eph. 5:5) covetousness is called idolatry.

So the Lord abhors it and it is idolatry, seems like we better be aware of this snare that advertising is spending billions of dollars to fan the flame of in our lives.  

This is not a call to be a monk and cut yourself off physically from stuff, the Lord is out to change our hearts and our actions and does not want one without the other inspite of the tragic misunderstanding of "by faith alone" sola fide is dangerous because God is looking for fruit, His fruit, flowing from the power of His life in us, to Him be all the glory for the fruit, but nevertheless, He is looking for His fruit and the proper words will not suffice.

The words of Ephesians are key, has what you want, replaced your faith and trust in God to give you what you need day by day?  Are your plans so important to you that if they are wrecked, you are wrecked, or do you simply look up and by faith say, "What now Papa?"  "How are you going to make this work out for Your glory?  How will this be used to make me more like Your Son?"

So Lord, "give us this day our daily bread" we trust You, You are our Good Shepherd.  I rest, I trust, it is You that I want. 

Monday, January 8, 2018

The Single-eyed Purpose of God Almighty

We wrestle not against flesh and blood.  
We want to see all come to the knowledge of the mercy of God.  
Satan has infiltrated into the teaching and mind of so many followers of God.
Oh God we are poor and needy, restore the love of truth.  
Prepare the soil and plant the imperishable seed.

My simple question would be, "What is the purpose/goal of God in His dealings with man?"

The only true, ultimate answer is, "The glory of God."  We are on the potter's wheel to be transformed 
into the image of Yeshua.  

This one question destroys, pre-trib, preterism, and prosperity (the 3 horrible p's) all in one cut.