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Saturday, January 20, 2018


Covetous defined-To be covetous of something is to want it and to be a little jealous of anyone who has it. The advertising industry's goal is to make you covetous of the things that other people have — that way, you'll buy them.

Psalm 10 brought me here.  "The covetous whom the Lord abhorreth"  and in another place (Eph. 5:5) covetousness is called idolatry.

So the Lord abhors it and it is idolatry, seems like we better be aware of this snare that advertising is spending billions of dollars to fan the flame of in our lives.  

This is not a call to be a monk and cut yourself off physically from stuff, the Lord is out to change our hearts and our actions and does not want one without the other inspite of the tragic misunderstanding of "by faith alone" sola fide is dangerous because God is looking for fruit, His fruit, flowing from the power of His life in us, to Him be all the glory for the fruit, but nevertheless, He is looking for His fruit and the proper words will not suffice.

The words of Ephesians are key, has what you want, replaced your faith and trust in God to give you what you need day by day?  Are your plans so important to you that if they are wrecked, you are wrecked, or do you simply look up and by faith say, "What now Papa?"  "How are you going to make this work out for Your glory?  How will this be used to make me more like Your Son?"

So Lord, "give us this day our daily bread" we trust You, You are our Good Shepherd.  I rest, I trust, it is You that I want. 

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