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Friday, June 29, 2018

Tears Poured From My Eyes and Into His Heart

"In all their affliction he was afflicted, and the angel of his presence saved them: in his love and in his pity he redeemed them; and he bare them, and carried them all the days of old."
Isaiah 63:9

          Tears Poured From My Eyes and Into His Heart

Tears poured from my eyes and into His heart

Hurts from a world caught up in the contracting spasm of death, of destruction.

A world stolen from its rightful Creator.

But the storm has a Master who walks on the white caps.

Hope and Peace have a name, Yeshuwah!

Look to the One who willingly, lovingly, sacrificially took your punishment.

Look to Him and be made whole.

Resting, trusting, looking - the work that is not work.

The work that trusts in the work that He did.

Look into ultimate faithfulness and kindness.

Look into the heart that shoves every fear away.

Look into Love.

Become Love.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Humility And The Crumbs From The Table

Just offering for thoughtful, humble consideration or discussion my slightly different perspective. As Hebrews 11 clearly brings out, "Faith is the ultimate Hebrew root." Since it is the letter to the Hebrews it should be clear there is no intention in what is being written to discount Jesus words that "Salvation is of the Jews." The Mosaic law is fulfilled and Gentiles are not under obligation to keep it, but as Acts 15 clearly shows there is a necessity to give us gentiles instruction as to how we are to fit into this Jewish sect that believes that Yeshua is the Messiah. The New Covenant clearly made with Israel and Judah is extended freely to Gentiles through our faith in their Messiah. We are grafted in to their vine, made a part of their fellowship, still rejoicing humbly to be a people who welcome the scraps from their table. Humility is the thing most lacking in most things labeled Christian. Humility is most evident in a people who understand that God has one people, of one faith, with one baptism and He is currently working to gather us into the one already existent body. I see tremendous benefits to the understanding that we are gentile members of a flourishing Jewish sect. It eliminates the "two people of God" thing that is key to the lie of pre-trib, replacement, preterism, amillenialism, and who knows what else. It stops the arrogance that Paul warned about numerous times in Romans 9-11. It gloriously displays the faithfulness of God, never changing, never wavering, in tandem with the sovereignty of God that never has to revert to a plan B to accomplish His purposes. This is all revealed in a reading of Romans 9-11 that is not encumbered with man's opinion. Acts makes it clear also. Pentecost, a Jewish feast day, that is celebrated by the many Jews in the upper room and results in a fulfilling of it's intention by gathering into the new sect 3,000 more Jews first fruits of the Messiah's sacrifice, there is nothing in the text that would make us call this the "birthday of the church" but we do that, Why? If there is not reason in the text, maybe we should call a halt to this "tradition of men." Guess that's all for now.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Pentecost the Birth of the Church, Uhhh, No!

Let me share a little parable.
Once upon a time a poor man was
sitting on a curb.
Another man came by who had
been working most of the day in
the sun, hard work that wore his
body down.  His employer paid
him and gave him a $100 bonus.

The working man gave that
$100 to the poor man.

As the working man was walking
away, he heard the poor man
exclaim.  Look everyone, "The birth
of a $100 bill."

With absolutely no appreciation
for where the money had come from
the poor man began to spin a false story
where the $100 had been given
directly to him by the employer.

He began to celebrate this day
as the "birthday of his $100 bill."

The poor man wondered why the
working man was not interested
in his story of the $100 bill!

So the Hebrew festival of Pentecost, first fruits, resulted in the first fruits of the Messiah's mission.
Many Jewish followers of God, came to believe in the Messiah.  A remnant from the chosen people
began the journey of becoming the sect of the Nazarene within Judaism.  All the way up in chapter 15 of the book of Acts this Jewish sect is still in the process of adjusting to the presence of the Gentiles and trying to show them the way to be gathered into the Father's chosen people.  He is faithful and true, His gifts and calling are irrevocable, there is no need for a new body, the mission of the Messiah of the God of Israel was not to reject Israel, isn't that obvious?  Go back and read Mary's excited proclamation when she realized she was carrying the Messiah.  Go back and read how Zechariah the father of John the Baptist exploded in praise and prophecy when his tongue was loosed.  This Messiah is the long awaited Redeemer of Israel.  Our privilege is to be included in their blessing.  We are grafted in to their vine, supported by their root, and this is meant to keep us gentiles in a place of humility and service, but alas, we have made up a story about our $100 bill and at this point we have begun to believe our own lie, and the result is arrogance that stinks to high heaven!

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Frustrated Instead of Prostrated

Sharing some thoughts that my wife received.
It is not our job to put people down for how they are not measuring up or abjectly failing.
It is our job undergird and lift them us so that they can be what they need to be in the body. 
This is the posture of humility.  This is what we see the suffering Messiah doing, coming down to help those who cannot help themselves.

Forgive us Lord, for the times when we vented instead of lamented.

Forgive us Lord, for the times when we are frustrated instead of prostrated.

Cause us Lord to Selah, and to truly consider You and what You would have us to do in every situation.