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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Copernicus and the Jews by Daniel Gruber

This book was gifted to me by Mark Klafter.  It strikes at the heart of the "arrogant kingdom" aka, the "church" or "Christianity". 
The God of Shem, The God of Israel, The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, is our God.  Read Ephesians Chapter 2 and understand what Paul (a Jew) is saying to the mostly gentile Ephesian gathering.  You gentiles were once "not a people" but Yeshua has come and now all the nations are blessed in Abraham.  (Bold, Italics, and underlined)  We (gentiles) are blessed because we have been grafted in to the vine, brought in to the commonwealth of Israel.  By grace, we enter into the ONE sheep pen, through the ONE Shepherd.  We attain to the unity of the ONE Faith, by the ONE baptism.  We repent of following our own way and choose to follow the way of the God of Israel, through the Messiah, the Anointed King of Israel, Yeshua the Messiah, pathetically and wrongly translated "Jesus Christ". 
Sadly and at the cost of the humility that would have led to great blessing and would have eliminated most of the "horrible history" of Christendom, we gentiles have allowed our Japheth pride to pretend that we are somehow, different, separated from, and just slightly better than our Shem brothers.  So we invent holidays to replace God ordained feasts, and we switch "worship days" based on the smallest sliver of Biblical words and twist them so hard they don't resemble anything like their original intent. 
I repent for the arrogant kingdom, in the same way Daniel associated himself with his people in Daniel 9 and repented for his people, I repent for Christendom.  "We have formed a terrible thing, and it has done terrible deeds and we have lost Your Way.   Draw us back, Oh God of Israel, draw us back to you!"

Monday, March 6, 2017

Faithful, sacrificial love demands that I be "post-trib".

The call comes to a prophet of the Most High God,  "

"Adonai’s opening words in speaking to Hoshea were to instruct Hoshea, “Go, marry a whore, and have children with this whore; for the land is engaged in flagrant whoring, whoring away from Adonai.”CJB
The word "whore" sounds very harsh and painful to our ears and we search for a "softer" word, because ultimately we are "Gomer" and we are going to have to "own" this title for ourselves.
We stumble over this stumbling stone because there is a teensy, weensy, bit of horribly ugly pride in us that says, in a teensy, weensy way I am just slightly better than the chosen people.  So, when "their deserved punishment" comes from God, I will be safely away, escaping to a "marriage supper".  See how ugly pride is when it is exposed to light!  
If this were to occur it would be a scene out of a horror movie, the groom looking aghast at the bride coming down the aisle, the severed and bleeding bottom half of a human woman with no torso from the waist up, organs and blood sticking out, because pride has blinded love and somehow the bottom half of the body is okay with the top half being cut off and tortured while "off we go" to the wedding!
Pride is a horror story.
So instead we join with our faithful and true Hosea, His heart of self-sacrificing love, becomes our heart, and we "love not our lives unto the death".  We see a Father, who chooses to remain Faithful and True even at the cost of His own life.  We join with Rich Mullins insightful lyrics, "The whores all seem to love Him and the drunks propose a toast..."
The only problem with this post is I will be totally and completely unable to convey the height, the width the depth and the breadth of His Faithful Love!  I was brought to slobbering tears this morning, as I even contemplated attempting to put words to such an impossibly, lofty reality!  An old saint has said, "I cannot reach the stars, but I can point to them."

One last thing to see is the connection God has made between the land and the people.  There is a reason why thousands of years later, Jerusalem, "the City of the Great King"(Psalm 48:2) is at the center of controversy.  God has chosen a people and secured for them a land.  One spot on earth has been chosen for His visible throne to be placed, and so the Usurper, has had his sights set on that piece of property ever since he found out the plan.  If you live with an awareness of these truths, lots of things that do not make any sense to the natural mind, become much more clear.

So the reality of the God who is faithful and true, the reality of sacrificial love, the reality that no human is any better than any other human,  is the reason a post-tribulation resurrection and "rapture" is the only view I can support.  May God continue to raise up a people who are broken by His love, united by His love, empowered by His love to manifest and demonstrate that He is alive and well, and working from a place of rest to restore, heal and forgive.

Monday, February 27, 2017

I am a beloved son!

I was born on July 6, 1961 to the surprised, but happy parents.  James and LeMoyne Bean.

Knowing these facts, imagine me praying this prayer.

God I want to be the son of James and LeMoyne Bean.

or on another day, maybe after I had let them down.

Oh God forgive me, I don't feel like the son of James and LeMoyne Bean anymore,
I think they are disappointed in me, make me the son of James and LeMoyne Bean again.

or when I move away from home

God I haven't seen my parents face and I haven't heard their voice lately, I don't
feel like I am the son of James and LeMoyne Bean anymore, make me more like their son again.

The Bible has a strong emphasis on being thankful.  There is a good reason for that.
The position and identity that we have when we become a new creation is "beloved child of God".


Tuesday, February 21, 2017


I realize it is a big book, with a lot of words and those words have been divided and studied and murdered by putting numbers next to them and creating chapters and testaments where there were none.  The Bible stands as an innocent victim of man's desire to create a god in his own image. 

What is the proper way to view the Bible?

See it as an insight into the heart of a God who defines Himself as ever present compassion.  Out of this compassion flow mercy, forgiveness and healing.

As you set your gaze on this truly beautiful One, you will become like Him.  Then you become His message to the world, you become love, mercy, forgiveness, and healing.  "Sinners" are drawn to you, the religious hate you, the political elite fear you.

Love is constantly flowing into you and overflowing out of you.  You received this by the blood of the Lamb, your words speak about this with overflowing gratitude, and your life backs up the words because you are not afraid to lay down all that is "self" to the point of death.

Rev. 12:11 "They conquered him
by the blood of the Lamb
and by the word of their testimony,
for they did not love their lives
in the face of death."

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Red light, Green light

A children's game where one person stands at the end of the field, the goal, and shouts out either, "red light" or "green light".  The line-up of kids on the other end of the field run at the command, "green light" and stop at the command, "red light" if the person doing the calling catches you still moving after the "red light" is spoken you have to go back to the beginning. 
Had a dream/thought that "religion" sees a God who shouts, "red light" and catches you doing wrong and sends you back to the beginning.  Relationship knows a God who has no condemnation for those He chooses to call sons and daughters.  This God calls out "green light" and never sees the need to change to "red light".  There is no fear in love, punishment is not coming our way.  We do not have to sin, scripture makes that clear over and over, but "if" we do, our identity has not changed, we do not have to go back to the beginning, repentance, resets our abiding in God.  Faith connects us to our true identity, our faith is in what God says about us.  We are a new creation, in Christ.  "Green light" let's go!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017


What if the crying need that people have is to know that they are loved? What if upon close examination the Christian sees that this, God kind of love, is very costly? What if the Christian decides to bypass letting the love and life of Yeshua flow through them, and in its place builds a system that pretends to reconcile God to man, without the messiness of "laying down your life"? What if that false system begins to become the "norm" and people associate the God of the Bible with this hulking, clanging, loveless, Bible quoting, powerless pile of crap? Who will fall down on their face and be a people bought with a price, a living sacrifice of intercessory love for those who "know not what they do"? Who will go lower to answer the call of the ministry of reconciliation?

Monday, January 30, 2017

I Pretended to Interview Jesus

Coming back to the house after a walk with the dog, and feeling the weight of having failed to die to self and let Jesus flow through me 100% of the time...I began to see the root of having expectations of others and then wanting control.  Somehow out of those thoughts I began to imagine an interview with Jesus.
Interviewer:  I would like to ask you some questions about things that hinder your prayers.  Do selfish motives ever hinder your prayers, James speaks of this in his letter? 
Jesus:  No
Interviewer:  Okay well how about not forgiving others, that is one You mentioned when You taught the disciples how to pray, do you have trouble with that?
Jesus:  No
Interviewer:  This one gets everybody, not being kind to others, Peter tells us that can hinder our prayers, is than an area You struggle with?
Jesus:  No
Interviewer:  Well, honestly, this interview hasn't been much help to me, I struggle in every one of these areas and they block or hinder my prayers often.
Jesus:  Why?
Interviewer:  Because I am human I guess.
Jesus:  Why?
Interviewer:  I was born that way.
Jesus:  But weren't you born again, born from above?  Aren't you a new creation?
Interviewer:  Well yeh, but as I look at these areas of my life I see how often I fall short and I try harder but, well, there isn't much change.
Jesus:  So you look at the old creation, instead of the new.  You are a new creation, spend time with Me, focus on Me, get to know My love for you and let that love flow out to others.  There is no fruit in looking at the old creation, the flesh, and there is no fruit in trying harder.  Fruit is found in Me.