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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Judges = majority of church

Somewhere around chapter 13 in Judges, when the repetitive failure cycle
was starting all over again, i "got" this
Judges - the story of a people who had forgotten the blessing and responsibility of their
call to "be a blessing" to all the earth and because of this...
their prayers were no higher, no grander, than, "deliver us from our enemies!"
They lost sight of their true call, the lost sight of God's love for them and for all people
and their prayers never reached any higher than for temporary relief

superficial christianity, with many false conversions resembles this pattern
bless me, heal me, save me, give me gifts,
few are they who cry out
You are a Righteous Judge, All Your Ways are true and good, Glorify Your Name,
Purify the sons of Levi, shake what can be shaken, and start with Your Church

Saturday, April 19, 2008

can't be done

the hatred for sin that God has
the grief that God has when we choose to turn from His ways
the lack of understanding of the depth of mercy being shown
to us everyday
the availability of the POWER of God for our lives, in the form
of the Holy Spirit
what is your mind occupied with??

finally the most amazing picture of grace i have seen in a long time
we are in the wheelchair, the Holy Spirit is doing the work and
in the end we get to hear the cheers and raise our hands for the work that HE HAS DONE

thank you God for grace and mercy

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


salvation is by faith in what Jesus did
from that beginning we proceed by a total
reliance on the indwelling Spirit of Christ