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Monday, October 8, 2007

now what do i do?

i was praying and sensing the fact that our economy is built on a spider web and then the thought came that a spider web can be broken by a child and then there was a like a "heavy pause" in my thoughts ... sort of a "that was a significant, maybe even prophetic word".... moment...then i wondered does this mean the series of attacks or evil works that are going to be inflicted on this country will be done by the hands of children, and that will be all the more shocking and also will be how the events "slip past" the security that is in place...
and then my mind started swirling if this is the case what am i supposed to do with it ..why tell me, I have no "power" with the FBI or the agencies charged with finding out this stuff why tell me, should i pray more for specifics to pray against or should i simply pray for lives to be spared or is this the judgement of God that needs to happen in order to bring our nation to the "next step" and should i simply pray that He redeems all that happens

alot of questions,
If any of you lacks wisdom....

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