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Monday, June 26, 2017

Expectations Kill

"All my hope is in You, God"  great lyrics to a great song.
No one I know is actually living that out.

If all my hope is truly in God, I would have no expectations on others, and I would live from a place of faith and trust in the God, who I know to be, faithful and true.

No expectations, I don't expect you to treat me fairly, or nicely, or courteously.  I don't expect my day to go the way I planned or hoped.

I don't expect you to meet my needs.

You are set free from my expectations and I am set free because I don't live with any expectations on you.

Love, unconditional love can finally grow.  It cannot grow with the choking, light stealing, nutrition stealing vine of expectations curled tightly around it squeezing out freedom and joy.  Expectations can always find a way to feel, let down, disappointed, discouraged, angry, and depressed.  Each one of these is centered on self, how they treated me, made me feel, hurt me.


Chuck said...

Good prayer from Hebrew for Christians...Here is a prayer for all who are "yashar," that is, upright in heart: “Dear LORD God, help me change my thinking; correct my faulty vision, heal my distorted focus... Open my eyes to behold your beauty, your truth, and your glory in my life. Help me seek your love and goodness -- and to find it, even here, in this passing world of the shadow of death. Do not let fear or the pain of the past blind me to your healing love offered in this present hour. Help me to “spy out” the land about me and report that it is good - flowing with milk and honey - rather than as a place of darkness and inevitable pain... Dear Yeshua, Lord of all that is worthy and good, help me not overlook the everyday miracles and wonders that surround my way. Amen.”

Chuck said...

As Dan Mohler says, (paraphrasing)
"If I am focusing on you meeting my 5 love languages, than I am set up to be disappointed in your efforts and my dependence on you for happiness is wrong. There is nothing of the true Kingdom of God in putting your hope in another broken human being."