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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Away With You

The truck my brother sat in the bed of when he committed suicide, was taken away to a junk yard today.  The lot where it was impounded after the police investigation, did not want it, so I had to drive it "home" to our old house, and it has sat there waiting for legal stuff to be handled, before it could be disposed of. 
He never liked it.  It was a Ford and he was a Chevy man, he only got it because once years ago I had borrowed his Chevy truck after a heavy snow and rolled it on its side damaging the whole side of the truck.  He repaired everything with putty and paint and the poor thing looked like the two-face character from Batman with one side nice and one side messed up bad.  So eventually he had to replace that Chevy and the only thing he could find  was this blue Ford, so he got it, only intending to keep it, until, he could find a Chevy.

He never did find one.

He had told people his legs were bothering him and he wouldn't be able to cut their grass this year, but that was the only clue we had that anything was wrong.

Dead air, that is what they call it when a radio station has silence being broadcast.  Paul Simon in his "The Sound of Silence" song speaks of superficial communication that creates emptiness.  True communication is intimate, revealing, vulnerable, accepting.  It is a rare gift in this world, and the Satanic plan is to make it more and more rare.

So AWAY WITH YOU old nasty truck of death
and AWAY WITH YOU superficial communication.

God help us, make us a people who have true, intimate communion with You, and with each other, and in that LOVE we will make You known.

 "By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another"  John 13:35

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