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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Marriage...What is Marriage?

So in my quiet time with Him this morning I think it was revealed that my "main call" is to show love and mercy to Laura.  I fall so short in that, just yesterday she was saying, "I am sorry that I am such a disappointment and annoyance to you."  My eye rolling, heavy sighing, "I can't believe you are so annoying and such a burden to me" crap has to stop.    Jesus is love and mercy and He is inside me, so all that needs to happen is I need to die and let Him live.  Thankfully He has been merciful to her and has brought her out into an understanding of His great love for her and the freedom He offers, now it is time for me to display that also and "play catch-up" to the heart of God.
Praise Him for His mercy, that she still puts up with me and stays with me.  That "simply staying together" is the key to it all, divorce is evil because it prevents people from growing and sticking with each other long enough to let God do what He is doing in a marriage.  Laura has taken the first step in making time for the two of us to sit down and study Romans together, she is willing to learn from my gifting, and that openness on her part is softening my heart to be open to her gifting of insight and revelation into the "heart of the matter" an ability to see things like Simeon, while they are still just 'babies.'
God has walked me around this mountain many times and is bringing me to a place of His love for her, His mercy toward her, but none of this would have happened if we had checked out when it got hard, if we had said, "This is too hard, it cannot be his will for me, 'Where is my happily ever after?'"  So the cry of the heart of God is for a people who will trust Him and persevere.  Lead on, Oh faithful Savior!

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Momma Bean said...

Wow, wow, wow! I love you!! ❤❤❤❤