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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Leaning in to His intercession

Jesus is already interceding for those we love and care about.  So He is already in the "War Room" and since He is wisdom and has an eternal perspective, His prayers are the prayers we need to be one with. 
How often have I crashed into His "War Room" like Kramer on Seinfield busting in and "praying" my thoughts or my desires for a friends life, the cheap, easy, wide way of no cost and no time spent waiting?
The idea is to humbly enter the room, tip-toeing over to where the Savior is humbly kneeling, and kneeling next to Him, shoulder to shoulder, and then tilting my head in His direction so that I can hear clearly what He is praying and giving my "amen" to Him and His way.  (Of course, Christ in you is the truth, but this is just a visual to help 'settle' my mind.)
This is costly and humbling.  I have to give time and quiet space to God for this to happen, but this is the place of authority in prayer.  Be still and know that He is God.

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