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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Protestant lies

A brother posted a list of things Catholic's do that are wrong and had scriptures beside the examples to back them up, which spurred me to write this...
This will be long, so if you have the attention span of a dog in a room full of squirrels, just look away now. A list equally as long could be made for every protestant denomination and non-denomination currently in existence. Starting with John 17 the entire chapter is a cry from the heart of Jesus that His followers would be one, united in love, humbly working together. 99.999% of all the teeny tiny divisions in the Body of Christ have come about as a result of pride and a despicable (in God's eyes) unwillingness to humbly work within a broken system living and shining His light, the light of Christ in you, in such a way as to correct error, without the need to go down the block, build another building and proudly become the latest and greatest "righter of all wrongs". The KJV bible (I know I am prepared to duck) is used and defended to the death by the majority of protestant Christianity. The translation of "mansions" in John 14:2 is so horrible it is beyond belief. A simple word that means abode, or dwelling place where the emphasis is on WHO we are with in HIS place, now becomes my place, and not just my place, but a really big fancy my place. ( ) The word "church" again brought to you by the exalted KJV scholars should have been basically a "gathering of people with something in common" the emphasis would have then been on what we have in common, which is, the LIfe of Christ. Ekklesia is just a Greek word with no greater meaning than a carpenter's union, or any other gathering around a common interest. Can you see how the importance of the word would then be, 'What is the common interest? What makes these people different? What is it that has changed and gotten hold of them?" A proper translation of the word would have put the emphasis on Christ but this horrible translation has put the emphasis on us, what we do or do not do, has become our mark and this leads again to pride. The fact is no one part of the body has all the truth and no one part of the body is all bad. I learn from Catholic teachers like Henri Nouwen and Brennan Manning and I learn from many protestant teachers. Pride is the main evil in the world. Pride and sloth prevent protestant 'churches' from following the pattern set forth by Paul that "each one bring a psalm a hymn a spiritual song" 1 Cor. 14:26. We are content to "let the Pastor do it." and we set up the inside of the building in such a way that indicates nothing is expected from the "audience". The message is simple we all start out "in Adam" and by the grace of God our eyes are opened and we are drawn to a place of being born again "in Christ" and then this life flows through us changing us and bringing glory to Him.

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