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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Indictment of "churchianity" and the benefits of the curse.

 9/11 TI have listened to hundreds of teachings by Art Katz and more than a few teachings from the guys at the Daniel Training Institute.  When I pull out a section and transcribe it, I can guarantee that you are getting the 'best of the best.'  Enjoy!

This w                 This was a statement in a message that Art made after 9/11 and it has proven to be very true!                 “What our dear President (Bush) does not know, when those planes crashed into those towers the world has changed and will not ever again be the same.  Not only have the rules changed the rules have been removed.  You are not going to find the bad guys at the “OK Corral” and get rid of them, with a few blasts and go back to things as they were.  This is a whole other world and new considerations have come with that act of violence that need to be recognized and patriotism as we have understood it and even the Christianity that we are happy that the President has obtained is inadequate to meet the level at which this crisis has come. “

                 “Systems are predictable and safe, organisms are messy.  Crisis reveals and absolute crisis reveals absolutely.  The truth of our condition is not revealed in our comfort, the truth of our condition is revealed when crisis strikes unsuspectingly and suddenly and what is revealed then is the truth that has ever and always been our condition but has been concealed until the crisis has revealed it. “

                 "The ‘churchianity system’ allows for mediocrity and late Saturday night viewing because one knows that “Pastor” is going to bring a nice biblically sound message which the audience is not expected to heed.  It is not to challenge to change but to fill the slot provided for a Biblical presentation.  We are willing to pay a man who can to that ably.  This is a travesty against God’s purpose for the church.  This satisfies the religious requirement but does not make any personal demand.  The whole level of church is reduced to a pedestrian achievement. Essentially the perpetuation of itself as a religious system providing predictable and minimal services on a schedule that does not distract from the more vital and predominately worldly interest of its ."   Art Katz  from the message “9/11 Tragedy”
                     “Repentance and Faith”
                “We love to define ourselves (what good Christians we are) when our health is good, money is plentiful, and friends and favor abound, but God brings/allows the curse to fall on humanity and we are put in situations that discipline us to bring out authentic faith, which is believing in what you do not see.  God wants us to know reality and truth about our own condition and that is “found out” when the three main aspects of the curse enter our lives: strife, hunger and the body of death.  When those things enter our lives through various events we find out who we are.  Recognizing this reality and repenting of any self life left, is then the path to the resurrection life of God.  The body of death is our stumbling block, what joyful news, that “you are dead and your life is hidden with Christ in God. “

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