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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Is it unfair or is it mercy?

When we read the story of Jacob and Esau, (Genesis 27 and 28) I would say that the "idea" or "thought" in our head that needs
to die, is "I deserve" or "They deserve" or "Anyone, Any where, deserves!"  What we
receive from God is mercy, which is, not getting what we do deserve. 
 Mercy is His to give
from our perspective,
His mercy is His glory.  
The book we call the Bible is one story, about
the preservation at great cost to God of His seed in man.  His wisdom and love  
(two words that both have to have "sacrifice" as part of their definition) 
is shown in His preservation of His 
seed against all odds.
We are His, "objects of compassion" Psalm 106:46
"vessels of wrath, made vessels of mercy by His glory/mercy"  Romans 9:22,23

One other thought, at the end of Isaiah 40 the "waiting on the Lord" results not in forgiveness, or insight, or healing, but
"strength"  Strength to endure, which is, to stay in the presence of God, when circumstances are pulling us away.

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