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Monday, September 1, 2014

Jason Upton, Tom Quinlan, Mercy

Jason Upton has a song, Hammer and the Awkward Nail.  His songs leave room for interpretation by the individual and this is what that one meant to me this morning.  God doesn't use magic wands, He changes us through the suffering, sacrificial love that He showed us on the cross.   The incredible cost of salvation is the incredible beauty of salvation.  The God who weeps with those who weep, experiences the cost of the correction that He brings us.
Tom Quinlan, put Deut. 32 to music and as I listened to it last night, I noticed that "O that they were wise" coincided with the punishment that God was bringing.  He longed for people to see that those things were from His loving hand, for His good purposes.
Tom's online Bible Study, God's Foretold Work session 50 was fantastic.    Travis "went off" and proclaimed that, the center of what God was requiring in Malachi was, for I am "a great King."  

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