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Friday, September 19, 2014

Mercy, Cain and Abel

2 Titles of revelation teaching that I listened to while cutting grass today.  The joined together beautifully.  Art Katz, is one of the real men of God that I rely on, even though he died years ago, his ministry lives on.  Mercy told how the cross was shown so vividly many hundreds of  years  more prior to it happening in Psalm 51.  David's desperate cry, and desperate need for mercy led him to call on God for unheard of mercy.  Have we ever done that?  Most of modern 'churchianity' is made up of people who turned to God to fix a problem or area of their life.  They have never been face down, with no hope of salvation, realizing the depth of their sin and longing to know that God would forgive them.  Without this how can the church ever be a people who show mercy based on the mercy shown to them?
The second teaching parts 2 and 3 of Cain and Abel provided a deep insight into the concept of righteousness.  Abel was the willing sacrifice to take Cain to a place where his acquiring, busy, hectic life slowed down long enough to consider the terrible sin against his brother.  Abel willingly took the walk that would lead to his death, because Cain needed him to, because God wanted him to.  Therein, lies righteousness.   

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