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Monday, September 29, 2014

The Pharisee in the mirror

Off we went to a convocation in Ohio, that seeks to touch and know the heart of God regarding the times of the end.  My wife and 3 of my kids went with me, all the other years it was just Elijah and I.  Every year at this conference, I confess either to a group, a couple or one person that I am not the husband that I know God is calling me to be.  This year about a week before going, God dropped it in my heart that I was a Pharisee in the way that I treated my wife.  I could have mercy and grace for so many people, but for my wife it was always, "this is wrong", "you could do better here", "this could be improved", "this was wrong", yeh I know, really helpful inspiring words.  I began to process God's word to me and repented in my heart, but next to a waterfall on the last day of the conference God parted the waters that divided my heart from my wife and in brokenness we fell into each others arms confessing, forgiving, loving.  God knew what was coming.  We returned home to a storm, but, by the grace of God, we have put up our umbrellas and gone singing in the rain.  A dear friend is rejoicing deeply in her heart, because she has seen the divide in our marriage and has been praying faithfully for unity harmony and love.

The main revelation I came away from the time in Ohio with, on a larger scale, was that the Kahal of God is a beautiful truth.  Words matter and when we act like God started a totally new thing at Pentecost, it re-erects a dividing wall that Christ came to destroy.  (Ephesians 2) The small but very real and very true stream of God that has been flowing through the faith of Abraham and on down to us was widened and deepened at Pentecost, but it was not "birthed".  Words matter and "church" is a word that has been used to harden hearts, justify wars, establish false systems, and worst of all allow pride to grow in the heart of man.  I intend to be intentional about using Kahal of God when God gives me the grace to truly share, why words matter.

That revelation lead me to understand that because it was much more full of grace than the word 'church' the word 'kahal' would be a place of mercy.

That led me to the thought that the only sin that leads to death is the rejection of what the Holy Spirit reveals about Jesus.

That led me (in part) to a dangerous book.

A book called "Oriented to Faith" by Tim Otto.  It makes the case that people who identify themselves as homosexuals should find a safe and welcoming place in our gatherings, gossips do, people worshiping daily at the idol of mammon do, envying people do, malicious people do, pride filled, arrogant people do...
Told you it was a dangerous book.

May God tear down, pluck up, destroy and overthrow everything that He needs to do for His glory and may He build and plant what will bring glory to His name.  And let it begin with us, ChuckLaura

Beautiful truth from Reggie, revealing the heart of God.

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