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Monday, January 13, 2014

Fresh wind

The emphasis on "Christ in you, the hope of glory."  is not new to me, God started me out in 1983 with the truth of "Christ in you."  It is not new, but it is fresh, in this season.  God's love, His delight, in us, the fact that somehow He uses (redeems) even sin, and forces it to draw us closer to Him, amazes me.  At one point in a teaching Dalton Thomas says, something like, "He even used our sin, to set us free of sin."  When men banded together to see Jesus crucified, they were sinning, sin which they and we are held accountable for, but somehow, God grabs a hold of that evil act, and says, this 'sin' is what I will use to set the world free from 'sin.'
In another teaching Dalton shares the strangeness of God punishing Saul, for what appears to be a minor infraction, and forgiving David for what appears to be a horrible, unforgivable, well-planned, multitude of sins.  It all goes back to the heart.  Saul's heart was one of rebellion against God, David's heart was one of tenderness toward God.  The sin does not intimidate God, He is always and ever looking at the heart.

Grace is dangerous, teaching grace is dangerous.  It 'appears' to soft and lenient.

It is a challenge to teach grace while acknowledging the God who will "one day" judge it all.

Art Katz, often echoed, Paul's cry, "Who is sufficient for these things?"

God help us, take full control, open our eyes.  

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