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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Teaching is useless without revelation.

I'm a teacher.  I gather the scriptures and listen to the ones who have gone before, and read books on the subject, then I pray and try to bring it all together.
And it is all USELESS, without revelation.

A teacher in the world, is trying to transfer information, whether through rote, or question and answer, or illustrations, or dramas, whatever the method, it is an attempt to convey information in a way that the person can then repeat back what they learned.

I am beginning to learn at a deeper level that that is not so, with the 'gift' of teaching.  The greatest amount of preparation will be useless and suffer a painful disconnect if "revelation," that is only available from the Spirit of God, does not come in and give life to what is being shared.

  What is being shared, has to be true, and in God's time, and shared with His heart, so that He can become One with it and give it His Spirit and power.

I save my teachings on this computer on "openoffice writer."  It is not "opening" right now, so I have to start over...and I think this is the lesson.

So God, "Who is sufficient for these things?"   Come and make it happen Holy Spirit.  Prepare me, prepare those who will hear.  Be glorified.

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