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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Lazarus and the rich man

Wednesday night lesson at church is a video on Lazarus and the rich man.  Feel strongly from God, not to let us 'squirm' out from underneath the implications of the story.
So this will be my most simple lesson ever.

Love God, Use Money

Hardest thing in a lesson like this is to keep the main idea, the main idea. I am asking you help tonight in making sure that we use this lesson from Jesus as a mirror, to be held up to our lives and demand attention.

The Sovereign God has placed a person outside of your gate. Will you view that person as an inconvenience or as a divine appointment? Are the needs of others seen as a 'drain' on your already limited resources or as an opportunity to display the unlimited resources of love and provision from our God? Do you resent the needs of others or do you prayerfully ask, “Are you putting this person at my gate, Lord?”

I think the only God honoring way to end tonight is for each of us to get alone with God and to answer these two questions.

Who has God placed outside of your gate?

What is God saying to do about that person or circumstance?

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