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Saturday, October 5, 2013

The King and "just one more thing"

Those two simple words, stopped me short in Matthew 25 today.  "The King" of the Kingdom, Wow!
Can't really explain it, there was just a breaking in on me of the Majesty of the One that we serve.

On a personal level, God is faithfully adding "just one more thing" that causes me to "blow it."  I can be rolling along just fine in my day, giving of myself in this area and that area and starting to think, "I got this."

And then "Bam!"

I will be asked to do, "just" this one more thing and I will fall, fail, whine, moan, b_tch, and just in general make an idiot of myself.

So, today, and every day that will be today, my quest is for the grace to recognize, that I have never ever ever, "got this."
Lord I need You, Oh I need You, every hour I need You.

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