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Friday, October 4, 2013


The most precious gift of the Holy Spirit, conviction.  This sentence from my Wed. lesson was 100% for me (although I do appreciate the dear sister who said, "Woah" out loud when it was read.)
Do you resent the needs of others or do you prayerfully ask, “Are you putting this person at my gate, Lord?”

I terribly resent the needs of others.  I have in my heart a certain amount of my time and energy that I am willing to share and beyond that you can fully expect to receive, eye rolls, evil glances, groaning, and a tone of voice that says, "I just wish everyone would leave me alone."
Death to self is the  path to life.  i confess this as sin, and pray for a renewing of the mind, and a walking by the
Spirit in this area.

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