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Friday, January 16, 2009

grace to be replaced

two further thoughts on grace and faith

when in a difficult situation that I cannot handle, the Lord
prompted me to be "replaced" , so in my mind and heart
I chose to "leave" the situation and put Jesus there in my
place..... aaaahhhhh much better

also, being a guy, I feel like I have to fix things, so when things
are not "picture perfect" in the family, I begin going over ways
that I will have to change, or things that I will have to do to make
it "all better" and I am done with that also
now I am seeking to enter the rest of God, seeking to have Him
take over my burdens, so when things are "out of whack" i
push myself away from the "fix-it" bench and call on Jesus
to come and make a way where there is no way
.... aaahhhh much better

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