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Saturday, January 17, 2009


with much gratitude to the grace courses at

the blood of the Lamb applied to the outside of the door = fading glory
communion - taking the blood of Jesus - internally, so that His Life
can flow thru us from the inside to the outside = ever increasing glory

commandments written on stone = fading glory
by faith, the life of Jesus, in me, written on my heart = ever increasing glory

Hearing a good sermon and being convicted and deciding that i will try, try,
try, to do better, pray more, read more, etc. = fading glory
Hearing a good sermon and knowing that i am weak and crying out for
the Life of Jesus to be more and more manifested thru me, putting off
the old man, and allowing the Life of Jesus to flow thru me = ever increasing glory

I need His moment by moment life flowing thru me, NOTHING else will do.

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