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Friday, May 26, 2017

Oh Please Wake Up!

99% of the news, all sports and entertainment are ultimately meaningless. Ponder these words: "Consider what preoccupies you. What frightens you. What drives you. What you cling to and what you pursue. And ask yourself if you’ve ever truly felt satisfied and fulfilled for more than a few moments. The things of the world cannot bring lasting peace. They were not intended to." Vaneetha Randall Amusement is at its root "a" meaning NOT and "Muse" meaning THINK DEEPLY.

Now WHO would ultimately be the beneficiary of "amusement"?
Ding, ding, ding...Satan!

My brother committed suicide last month.
Choosing to cut your own life short. Short of the goal. Short of its full meaning and depth and life.
Choosing to invite death in, overwhelmed by despair, drowning in it so that HOPE is a distant, unattainable thing.

Divorce, disappointment, watching someone you love die, feeling like you never want to be a burden, but totally missing that although there was an aspect of "burden" there was an overwhelming aspect of LIFE and LOVE and HOPE.

Blinded to hope, just long enough to pull the stupid trigger on a stupid gun.

I want to live my life as the beloved of the most Loving being in the universe. I want to crush the lies of the liar, and expose his pathetic, fragile, pussy of a kingdom for what it is!

I am loved by the everlasting Father, Creator and Lord of Lords. His faithful love is the only reality there is!

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