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Monday, May 8, 2017

The Church is not Israel

I have a dog named, Max.
I have promised to always take care of Max.
If Max gives me a hard time or does not live up to what I think a dog should do, that doesn't change anything.
If I choose to give Max away because he disappointed me and then I get a new dog and I name that dog, Max, I have broken my promise to take care of "original Max".
There is no way around it, the new dog was given the old name, but that does not change the bottom line.
I broke my promise.
I can't be trusted.
I am not faithful.

God has a chosen people, a chosen land and a chosen place to put His Throne.
The Jewish people, the land of Israel, and Jerusalem are these choices of His.

If you subscribe to a thinking that the church is the new Israel, then
God broke His promise
God can't be trusted.
God is not faithful.

Do you see how important this is?  This is not a side issue.

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