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Friday, December 4, 2015

The Son of God born out of "bitter."

Found my paper from the quiet prayer time on Tuesday night.
Mary means “bitter” so God chose to have His Son born from “bitter” not “mother of many nations” or 'beautiful” or “blessed” but “bitter”.
Jesus knew He was born in Bethlehem at the time of the census and could have easily defended His honor when He was attacked as being a bastard son from the poor village that had no mention in prophecy. Jesus chose never to defend Himself which left all the room that God needed to be His defense. When we do not defend ourselves we are leaving God room to be our defense.
When we carry the ark without letting our stinking flesh touch it, nobody gets hurt.

When we are at rest in Him we are weilding the strongest weapon we have, our trust in Him.

It is so terribly important to wait on Him and seek for what He is saying in any given situation.

If we take the time to learn from our circumstances, if we fall on our face when the guy who reached out to steady the ark dies, if we cry out for Him at a time when we just want to accuse Him of being not who He says He is, then we enter into Holy Ground.

Paul speaks of being born “out of time” understanding that the salvation and healing of the Jewish people is “on hold” while the time of the gentiles is being fulfilled. He knew he was a miracle of mercy and was given a taste, a “down payment” of things to come.

Quiet day so far, did some dishes said some prayers, listened to some songs on you tube and listened to the sheep among wolves movie again.

Put two posts on facebook. “This world is not my home.
                                              This life is not my own.”


His amazing plan is to overwhelm a vicious army of wolves with a small group of sheep, sheep who are wise as serpents and who have no power of their own but are relying on the resurrection life of God. (my take-a-way from this film) Sheep Among Wolves.

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