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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Rest and get to know Me

Trying to take some moments and stop and hear what the heart of God is saying.  He seemed to ask what do you think of when you think of rest, and I thought of sleeping and lying down motionless.  He seemed to say, "It is more like the capsule at the top of the rocket ship, the rocket part is doing all the work, the capsule is 'along for the ride'".  Christ in me the hope of glory is guiding and empowering all I do and my "life" is along for the ride, at rest.

Another day I felt He said, "As you spend time with Me you will become like Me."

Another time I was chided by the words, "You saying Holy Spirit is like you saying "escargot in Istanbul". You have never had escargot and you have never been to Istanbul.  We really do not know what we are saying when we use those words.

Art Katz teaching made me think that one of the hardest things in the command, "Sell all that you have." is to relinquish the "good efforts" and the "good things" that we think we do.

The deepest thing said to me this year was by Julie Trommeter, "Worship is God hands us the Lamb and we hand the Lamb back to God."  When Moses is consecrating Aaron to the priesthood, he hands Aaron the wave offering, Aaron waves it and hands it back to Moses.

Singing was definitely a part of worship, but it was singing in the presence of burning flesh and bloody sacrifice.

In order for the priest to worship, there was a process of stripping, washing (by another) Clothing (by another) Anointing with oil (by another) and the application of the blood from the sacrifice (by another).

At the mount of transfiguration Peter wanted to "make a place", but God wanted them to listen from the place of a dependent and costly relationship.

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