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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Let us reason together, the "spirit" of talk radio is evil

This meme from Lysa Tyekeurst was posted on FB
"When I set out to prove I’m right, it always leads to conflict escalation. When I set out to improve the relationship, it leads to conflict resolution."
my response
At my last Christian gathering at the Hazelfon Federal Correctional Institute this statement was made by a brother who has been in prison since the 90's "You don't have to agree with a brother, but you must understand them." I blame talk radio with its rudeness and bullying by the host for at least part of the problem that has made every disagreement into a struggle to prove "why I am right and you are wrong" instead of, "I want to hear what you say, and truly understand where you are coming from, because I care about you more than the issue at hand."

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