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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Learning from the birds

Slept out in the tent with my youngest son last night.  Awakened by a bird singing his same beautiful song over an over again.  They start singing before the sun comes up.  They anticipate the faithfulness of God.  They have seen Him mercifully bring the day over and over again and so they trust that He will again.  I feel strongly God is leading me to write a book with the title, "The Cross of Jesus Christ in the Life of Kathy Steele."  The title is all He had given me, but He would not let me forget it.  I have started to collect thoughts and words and am trusting Him to put it all together.  I think part of what will come out of it, is related to the birds.  If the "night" is this fallen world with so much sin and disease and eternity is the day.  We are called to sing in the night, in anticipation of the day.  In praise of the God who has promised the day, even when the day has not appeared.  Kathy's life makes no sense without the light of eternity thrown on it.  Paul's words of "Who is sufficient for these things?" ring in my ears, but God who has placed this thought will bring it to pass.

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