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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Mercy and anti-semitism

Ultimately if we understand the mercy of God, God is the One who pushes mercy for the lost into our hearts.  His Spirit is the cry of the Intercessor, “Oh Lord spare Your people!”  Crying out for a holding back of the justice of God.
The “church” is to have the same Spirit as Paul, crying and longing for 
“all Israel” to be saved.  He stated this at the beginning of Romans 9, and he brings it full circle at the end of his argument in Romans 11.  Blindness covers the eyes of those who pick up any piece of the lie of replacement theology.
Christ has fulfilled many of the promises spoken in the Old Testament, but His fulfilling and the Spirit that has been poured out on the church does not, can not, empty the prophets of the many “I will” promises to Israel.  Isaiah 4 for example.
Mercy is resurrection of dry bones.  If we can not see ourselves as dry bones with nothing to contribute to the resurrection, then we will not truly have mercy for others.  

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