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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Cancer, greed and anger.

I have people that I know and care about who have fought and lost to cancer.  I know people right now being given the "best" cancer treatment.  When I see an article like this... anger rises up and so it is time for a rant, and rant I will.

So the good researchers at Fred Hutchinson Cancer research were doing their job one day and "whoops" one of the methods used to help people actually backfires and hurts them.  So the 'cancer industry' made sure that this very important information was thoroughly disseminated to all the patients and their families currently making decisions on treatment options.  NO.
Well the news outlets picked it up and made it one their top stories, so that people would be informed and better able to participate in planning the treatment of the 5,000 new people who are told, "You have cancer."
every day.  NO.
My good friend whose wife died of cancer hates the word "remission."  I have never talked to him about this sensitive subject, but I wonder if it is because of the false hope of "we got it" that makes the "it's back" so much more bitter and evil.
So, if I am understanding this study correctly, what we use to get the quick and good result at first that raises everyone's hopes and expectations actually secretly causes the "remission."  When the  Doctors load the same gun in the bullet that "helped" the first time it no longer helps and is in fact a primary cause of the remission and spread and resistance of the cancer.
Chemotherapy is a big, temporary, expedient lie that actually makes the cancer bigger and stronger the next time around.
I would think that would be a fairly big "news item" and something that would be included in every patient and their families "vital information" packet as they are making these huge decisions on treatment options. NO it is not.
And my guess is the "WHY?" of why it is not is related to greed, the whore of babylon, Wickedness, mammon.  God have mercy on us!

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