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Monday, April 30, 2012

Watching with the only true foundation

By the grace of God, I am part of a deep discussion surrounding the end times.  I will open a window into that discussion now, and maybe some will reply and will want to be a part of it.
A friend sent the link to this video,
In about the 24th minute an interview is started with a current member of the Likud party in Israel.  A man who desires to be Prime Minister of Israel and a man who recognizes the importance of the rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem.  I will copy and paste my response after viewing this video below.  The foundation of all discussion must be the word of God, deeply rooted in that, then we will be saved from the error of, "has God really said,' and we will also be saved from the error of wild and strange, false warnings and false teachings, all of which only serve to 'water down' the truth of the prophetic word.
my response--(the length of this post, will weed out those who don't really care)

Myfavorite quotes
 It is always the few who will breakthrough
the wall and then others will follow. 
 The religious leaders are afraid of 'redemption.'
The politicians are afraid of 'redemption.'  
It is my responsibility, the peoples 
responsibility to 'cause the trouble.'  
The rabbi's go after the market.
The secret for the redemption of the entire world
is right here, the temple mount, this is the place where
God said, on the visible earth, this is the place where I am
going to bring My Spirit to the whole world.  This is the place
where physics and meta physics combine. 
Today we are like zombies...the whole world, looking for life.
The whole world is waiting for the Jewish people to do what they should do.
This is the only reason and the only right we have.
You need leaders, the people will follow the head.
We believe in action, we don't believe in miracles.
We are waiting for the Jewish people to get up and build the temple.
When I am the prime minister, we WILL rebuild the temple.
I still carry that dream.  Education is how we will get there.
"We are attacked by the world because we are not building the temple."
Peace comes back to the class when the teacher returns.

My take on it is this, This thinking, maybe not this man, but this type
of thinking, will be the path of seeing the temple rebuilt, but because of the
continuing rejection of the Messiah, it will be, sadly, the 'false peace' generated 
by man that must fail.  It reminds me of teaching from Art that said his gathering
in Minn. was busy praying for the "elect." For those people given grace from God
to see beyond the penultimate, man-initiated, rebuilding of the temple, to the 
ultimate, 'planting' of God, which follows the necessary, time of Jacob's trouble.
The 'elect' really are those we should be praying for.

Moshe Feiglin, and his type of leadership will come by the sovereignty of God, but
our prayer should be for the elect, who can see beyond, who will see the one whom
they have pierced, and who will at that point, not believe in education or jewish leadership
or the likud party or anything else, but the Lamb that was slain.

It sounds like the position of the 'zealot party'  of Jesus day.  
The Zealot party, one of four distinct parties among the Jews mentioned by Josephus the historian (Pharisees, Sadducees, Essenes, and Zealots), was founded by Judas the Galilean, who led a revolt against Rome in A.D. 6. The Zealots opposed paying tribute to Rome in any form, for such payment was an overt denial that God alone was the ruler of Israel. Although the revolt of A.D. 6 was crushed, the spirit of revolt festered with many violent incidents until full-scale war against Rome broke out in A.D. 66. The Zealots were active throughout the war and after the fall of Jerusalem in A.D. 70 retreated to their desert stronghold on the wilderness heights overlooking the Dead Sea. From this fortress, called Masada, they continued to wage a guerrilla war; Masada itself fell after a long siege in A.D. 73.
One of Jesus' disciples, Simon, was known as "the Zealot." It is uncertain whether he was given this title because he was an active member of the Zealot party or because he had a generally zealous nature. Many commentators have suggested that Barabbas, a convicted political murderer released by Pilate instead of Jesus, was also a Zealot.   " 
 Jesus and Paul and Peter, said to pay taxes.  The betrayal of Jesus follows fast after he spoke of "giving to ceasar what is ceasars"

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