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Friday, April 13, 2012

The gospel is confrontation. It is suffering. We are not in agreement with the world. The last 30 minutes of Art Katz 8th teaching on Apostles and Prophets is so deep, it will require many listens to grasp. Somehow, the command of God to the prophet to "prophesy to the wind" to command God to infill the bodies that had been dry bones is a test of the prophets willingness to 'lay down his spiritually.' And that is the final test, we hold on to our 'spirituality' and it becomes the last place of death that then becomes the place of resurrection. When God says to us prophesy to the wind, then and only then can we command God. Oh that the church would so intercede with no thought for what we desire in a situation, but only to hear what God is saying. Then we could here His command and say, Talitha Cum, or woman be healed of you issue of blood, or Lazarus come forth, and these signs would follow, the preaching of the gospel...We have so so so very far to go to get there, but one step, one day at a time, eyes on the goal, hearts humbly submitted, seeking Him, living for His glory, crying out for more of Him.

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