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Monday, April 9, 2012

I don't know how You will answer when I pray for a sick friend Will they rise and walk, or is this the end? Never alone, no matter how we feel Never abandoned is the truth for real Praying and trusting yet things get worse All of us live under the shadow of a curse When the answer is a Person who promises His presence The outcome is not under my control, but total dependence ALL the doctors have said, “I’m sorry.”, but what say You? Tears flow, face down, praying, wondering, what to do? Loves nail scarred hand goes with us into the unknown. Suffering is real and without an answer, to be shown. A Person, not an answer is our true need. A friend Who comforts, holds, and is Good without end. You, who weep with the broken teach me to love. To be there, silently, Your presence never deprived of. an untitled poem, that has come from my heart over the last few days.

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