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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

God's one and only plan A

We use the word "church", it sounds like something separate from God's plan A, the chosen people of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, to reach the world, but it is not, we are grafted in to their vine.  The so called New Testament affirms this many times. 
Enjoyed a Bible study with friends tonight and felt that this is a good definition for the gathering we mistakenly call the "church", A group of broken people, caught up in the union of the Father and the Son, and because of the life that flows from that union, willingly, joyfully, lovingly, serving others.

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Chuck said...

A friend just gave me a version of the Bible Tree of Life version TLV that translates church, "Messiah's community".... I think I am in love! That is the perfect translation of the ecclesia of the so called new testament.