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Monday, April 3, 2017

"Don't pray for patience."

This statement could not be more wrong.
Love is patient.
"is" is the key word, Jesus is patient, His love flowing through you is patient. Our only call is to be dead and hidden in Him. There is such a "wrong thinking" out says,"Don't pray for patience, God will bring hard times to your life to 'teach' you patience." No no no, when an annoying situation comes up, we choose to "die" to not take our rights, and our feelings and our junk to answer that door, in humility we recognize our weakness and we send the ONE who is patient to answer the door. He answers it, and we find that Love is patient. And the people around us that are used to "us" answering the door in our own strength and in our own "ability" are amazed to see Jesus answering the door with "perfect patience."  We are the people called to rejoice in trials, because they present an opportunity to display that God has taken over our lives.  We trust Him, not circumstances.  

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