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Thursday, April 13, 2017

A Kingdom Divided

Mark 3:24,25  "24If a kingdom is divided against itself, it cannot stand. 25If a house is divided against itself, it cannot stand."  There is a strong principle here and if our eyes are opened it is a strong revelation, that will require repentance on the part of the "church" which sees itself as a new thing that God did in the world to replace the old, ineffective thing.  If you can't see the push toward pride in that type of are a sitting duck for the arrows of the enemy.  Read the beautiful exaltations of Elizabeth, and Mary, and Zechariah as they realized the Messiah, the King of Israel was coming in their lifetime.  (All in the beginning chapters of Luke.)  They saw this as fulfillment of all that the prophets had spoken.  They saw a rising of the Kingdom of God, with the King of Israel at its head.  The long awaited Messiah ties the whole theme together of the whole book from Genesis 3 to the end.  
So how did Messiah, King of Israel, end up getting translated, Christ, which just means anointed and wasn't even a Greek word that was applied to a person, it was applied to a substance that you rubbed on something else, like Ben-Gay!  That is the $64,000 thousand dollar question and the answer should draw the "church" to repentance, as we begin to have revealed to our hearts that pride has crept in and built a very large edifice that has pride as its foundation.

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