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Saturday, January 7, 2017

The Body is a Beautiful Thing

How wise of God to arrange His gathering in the form of a body.  Not a closed system that would have grown stale very shortly, but an open system with intake and outflow.  The emphasis is on every part is necessary, essential, needed, has a purpose.  Every angle on any given situation is a blessing if it is humbly received, even if all that it does is reveal something in the heart of the one stating it.  We are to be so "caught up in union with Him" that we truly cannot be offended.  It is not a matter of "holding back our hatred" it is a matter of being a new creation that does not have that hatred.  Yes it is a process but it is a process that starts from a place of "It is finished".

Another thought

Acts 13:45 in the Messianic Writings translation... "But when some Jews saw the crowds they were filled with jealous rivalry, and spoke against and maligned the things which were spoken by Paulos."
I want to hone in on the words, "jealous rivalry".  This is the reaction, this is the evil spirit, camping out on the flesh of man, that we will be "up against" as the body begins to act like the body and show the love and see the miracles that Jesus said we would.  Just like in Paul's day, the religious will rise up in "jealous rivalry" and speak against the work that God is doing.  What happens next, well if they have enough power they will "force us out" of that area and we will go to another area, filled with joy and Holy Spirit.

Lastly, I am only 25 minutes into this but I already highly recommend it.

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