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Friday, August 15, 2014

Left Behind Lie

What a great run with my dog.  God met me as I prayed for leaders in the church, my local church and the state offices of that denomination.  God met me as I praised my dog, when we had a short run in with other dogs and "Max" stayed by my side and obeyed what I told him to do.  "Good dog."  I said and I realized that was the highest compliment I could give him, and then it came to me, "Good dog." is very much like this, "Well done good and faithful servant."  That is the highest compliment God has for us.  And we get that compliment when we obey the light that He has given us.  The blessing of obedience, may not be seen in this world, I might even say that it rarely is seen or given in this world, but it is coming in the very real KINGDOM that is soon to come, and will last forever!
Then I got this "We are risking the water to get to the oil."  A lot of trucks filled with water were passing me to go to a drilling operation where the water is used to break through rock underground to get to the oil and gas, buried under rock.  In the Spirit, I sought for understanding, and thought I need to ask more visual people like my wife about this, but this is what I got.  We will use the water of God's word to get to the anointing of God, and we will be grounded as a church in the Word of God, and so when the anointing comes it will be grounded by the truth of God.  This applies to my wife and I in so many ways, and was a real blessing and encouragement to me.
Then I was given this, Rev. 12:11 speaks of "they" overcame him by the blood of the Lamb.  Only ONE group in the earth is covered by the blood of the Lamb.  That is the church and the church is right there in the middle of the tribulation "overcoming" Satan, his demonic army, and the myriads of people who believe the lie.  The fact is the church is the only group who can stand up to Satan at this time.  He controls the finances, no one wants to go to war with him, he is supreme, except for this group of people.
Satan is an imitator, he will imitate Jesus by resurrecting the anti-Christ, he imitates Rev. 12:11, by having a people willing to testify, and to lay down their lives, but of course, their laying down their lives, is just to kill and destroy, whereas, the church lays down its life in a Ten Boom like way, to give life to others.  Praise God, there is no imitation for "the blood of the Lamb."
Yes that was one very good run with my dog.  Thank you Lord.

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