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Friday, September 27, 2013

Because He has promised!

Excellent video depicting Abraham and the sacrifice of Isaac, Wed. at church.  At one point, Abraham says to Isaac, "God can resurrect you from the dead."  Isaac, (who realizes he is the sacrifice) cries out, "How can we know that?"  Abraham, throws his hand toward heaven and shouts, "Because of His promise!"

I loved that moment

And then I thought, what are God's promises to us? I can only think of 3.
1)  To transform us into the image of His Son.
2)  To always love us.
3)  To forgive the sins that we confess to Him.

I know there are hundreds of promises in the scriptures, but these 3 apply to everyone all the time, and most of the others are conditional, or are not really for us, (like the 'land' promises to the Jewish people.)  He can quicken any promise to life in our hearts at any time, but these three never change.

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