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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Prisoner of Hope during the long pause

David Baron's study of Zechariah has been a treasure trove of blessing to me.  These thoughts proceed from it.
Between Zechariah 9:9 and 9:10 there is a "pause" of 2,000 years.  "But this is sure and certain, that however long the pause may last, God never loses the thread of the purpose which He has formed for this earth"  (D. Baron) and just as certain, he will never lose the thread of your individual life.  Israel is a prisoner of hope and so are we.  It is even given the article "the" and called "the hope."  The Abrahamic covenant will be fulfilled by the God who made it 'one sided.'  The God who speaks of the future in the "perfect tense" of the verb, which means when He says it it is as good as done!
This sentence brings great joy to the redeemed heart, true of Israel, true of us.
"And since his iniquities have been the underlying cause of all his sufferings and sorrows, when God forgives Israel his sins, and removes his transgressions, He shall "redeem" him also " out of all his troubles."            (D. Baron)
When we truly begin to see and comprehend God's amazing covenant faithfulness to Israel, we will be able to rest in His covenant faithfulness to us.  And that rest will lead to works done in and through His power and for the glory of His grace. 

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