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Saturday, December 15, 2012

God and bad choices

The activities director at my job posted this on her bulletin board at work.
Happy Moments,
Praise God
Difficult Moments,
Seek God
Quiet Moments,
Worship God
Painful Moments,
Trust God
Every Moment,
Thank God

As I read it this morning I burst our crying and went into prayer in tongues
for our 15 year old son, Isaiah.  He is in the Captain America shirt in the
picture on the right.  He has a heart for the underdog, he came to the rescue
of a girl a grade below him, when she was being picked on in (I think) second
grade.  He can be caring, giving and compassionate, but right now, he is making
so many bad is just overwhelming to a parents heart.
I stated this blog would be a view into my heart and although my passion
for the truth about the end times is often the focus...I live in the day to day
reality of being a husband and a dad, and I need your prayers.

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