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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Impotent, Docile, Non-parent

honest open view into my mind heart and life as God works His work in my life...
remember that is THE purpose for this blog, sure I 'save' my Bible study on here and do other things with it, but this is THE purpose.
Impotent - Unable to take effective action, helpless, powerless
Docile - Easily handled or managed
Non-parent - Any person who does not meet the definition of parent.
This was how I was described today by a person close to our situation as we struggle with our 14 year old and his acts of disobedience.
Its probably true.
Pointing our faults is probably the easiest job in the world.
So.. God change me, make me what I need to be in this family, and ultimately God, do the work that you need to do.

Was the prodigal son's father also seen as Impotent, Docile and a Non-parent...probably... and who does the prodigal sons father represent????????????

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