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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

God delights in opposites

"God delights in bringing together opposites, bringing them together, not just to get by but bringing them to a union of a transcendent kind, by which He can be glorified. Merely to be compatible is to miss it. There's struggle, collision, contradiction, opposition,..God Himself has so formed these tensions that unless He is brought in and invoked with His great redemptive power we will not be able to move through these staggering oppositions... God has set the stage stacking all the cards against Him(self) And when He shall succeed it will be to the everlasting praise of His glory. Unless that is your motive (His glory), you will fail. When that is your motive you are able to bear the suffering that proceeds the glory." Art Katz from this sermon
it is very hard to pull a few sentences out of one of his sermons, but WOW was i blessed on my drive home this morning listening to this masterpiece.

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