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Saturday, April 23, 2011


The Lord spoke to our congregation through our pastor, that we are in a Kairos time, a time specifically opened up by God for us to move forward in something that God has called us to. He is not a 'guru' he is a pastor, so it is up to us to seek God and to persevere in what He has called us to. One thing for me is the accumulation of some insight into the church's roll in the end times. I need to be open to spreading that any chance that I get, "to take the tablets and run with them." Hab. 2:2
Up until this point, this has met with a resounding "thud!" In this Kairos time it is not up to me to 'bear fruit,' that is the work of God. If He tells me to go into the room and break the alabaster box of perfume, Obedience Is My Only Option, and it does not matter if the disciples and those around question my actions and call it stupid,and a "waste."
Obedience Is My Only Option.
Homeschooling friends recently let me into their house to share the "quick and clear" word of God from Matt. 24 and Daniel regarding the end times that was given to me by Reggie Kelly. No one said, when I was done, "Well that settles it, this is the truth." But I spoke, and they listened and had some questions... and now days later it comes to me, the fruit is not up to me, just the obedience. Praise God.
So this blog is still about my real life, my main struggle right now is anger and resentment, I lose track of mercy and gratitude and end up in a dry and weary land of my own making quite often, BUT GOD rich in mercy, keeps up a conversation with me, and breaking will come and fruit will come, and change will come, sanctification is a life-long process ending only when this flesh finds itself separated, empty and in the grave. God forgive those teaching a sanctification that is whole and complete and entire on this earth. Romans 7 proves them to be wrong, mislead and misleading. Mislead is forgivable, "misleading" teaching a falsity, is scarily dangerous and we are deeply warned against it in scripture.
Recently the truth of "ministering unto the Lord" has been re-given to me, and I pray for the grace of God to take it up again. His mercies are new every morning.
A word of encouragement, while reading through the gospel of John last night with friends, the words about a woman with a newborn forgetting the pain of childbirth came to me in a new light, the light of going through a long and painful process with an unbelieving friend/relative/co-worker, the travail of those days will be forgotten when we are holding the newborn in our arms. Thank You Jesus, all glory to you, for hiding truth from the wise and giving it to the simple. At that time Jesus said, "I praise You, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that You have hidden these things from the wise and intelligent and have revealed them to infants." Matthew 11:25

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