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Monday, January 17, 2011

From That Place

Had a God inspired prayer , that I wanted to share on this blog.

We must war against the forces that want to separate parts of the Body
and break the bonds of love. My observation is those 'forces' attack the
relationships between women in the Body, much more than men. God give us
the maturity to remain in Your Embrace and FROM THAT PLACE of true, deep, security
to overlook and cover and give gentle answers to the other Body parts, 70 x's 7 In Jesus' Name


Anonymous said...

I agree...I believe denominational separation has led to weakness and imbalance in the church body as a whole. If we all only adhere to those exactly like us, it is much more difficult to grow. Although I believe women have more of a tendency to gossip and exclude other women, I think men have an equally dangerous problem in that they tend not to get intimately involved with other men discipling one another and holding one another the women may repell from one another out of pride or insecurity, men never even begin those intimate relationships from which they will repell out of the same pride and insecurity! Equally dangerous and weakening to the body IMHO. Idk...that's just a couple thoughts I had.

Chuck said...

definitely true
men aren't intimate and vulnerable with each other and so the connection is not there
so it can not be attacked
you are right
that is an equally bad problem